Qualities to Look for When Hiring A Contractor

If you are undertaking building a new home or taking on a remodel, then there are a number of qualities that you should be looking for in a contractor. You want to find someone who is reputable, offers a great standard of service, and who is responsive to your questions and desires. There are many contractors out there, but we can help narrow down this list by answering some questions about what kind of contractor would best fit your needs:


What kind of reputation do they have?

When looking for a contractor, reputation is going to be one of the biggest factors. If you don't know someone personally who has used them in the past, can you find out more about them online? You want to find a company that has a real website that shows their work, their team, and their expertise, and that has some volume of online reviews. No company is perfect but you should be able to see a consistent story of their past clients' experiences.


How is the quality of their past work?

Before you hire a contractor you always should look at work they've done for others. Even if they have excellent execution and quality you still want to make sure the product they deliver even matches the style you're looking for! Contractors you hire should have some kind of portfolio they can show you that will give you an idea of the end product you can expect.


Do they respond when you call and listen to what you're saying?

Nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a contractor who can't be bothered to give a callback to someone that wants to pay them for a service. If you're struggling to get them to even start a project with you, you may be dealing with someone you'll only struggle to get updates or answers from later. Instead, look for a contractor who's team is responsive when you reach out and follows up with you quickly. Even when they're on site, make sure you hire someone who takes the time to listen to what your needs and reassure you of their process.


Will they provide me with references as well as testimonials from past clients?

Hand in hand with their reputation, a contractor that delivers great products isn't afraid to have you call their other clients to hear about their experience. Those that can't offer this, they are either brand new to the field or have something to hide. Instead, look for a contractor that will come out to visit you, give you a free quote, and even hand you a name to call as a reference. This shows their confidence that what they have to offer is high enough quality that you will want to work with them.

At Stylistic Construction , we know that choosing a contractor can be a big decision, but by doing your research and asking the right questions ahead of time you'll find one that's a perfect fit for your needs. Give us a call today at (562)208-5107 to schedule time for a FREE quote.